Announcing a New Kind of College Counseling-- Again!

College is Yours is pleased to announce the return of Great Start College Counseling. A service that was first started in 2000, Great Start College Counseling is a comprehensive review of the college selection process, working with the student to identify key topics, like:

  • What College is Right for You
  • How to Research and Visit Colleges
  • Applying to Colleges
  • Getting Letters of Recommendation
  • Essays
  • Kinds of Decisions, and What to Do with Them
  • How to Make the Most out of Senior Year

All of these topics are addressed in a robust 75 minute counseling session that's held online, and also covers any questions a student might have.  A copy of College is Yours 3 is included, as well as three follow-up emails-- all for a very affordable price.

Why offer this kind of service?  Experience has shown that many students only need a session to clear their heads of all of the noise about college, and focus on some basic facts.  Once those are established, the student takes it from there, using the three emails when necessary.  If you're looking for long-term college counseling, many other excellent options await.  If what you want is a strong jumpstart that allows you to take things from there, Great Start College Counseling could be the answer for you.

Great Start College Counseling is Available to a limited audience.  To inquire about availability and fees, complete the Contact Us page on this website.